Although it’s not a new concept, there isn’t much written on the practice. Only in about the last 10 years have Christo-Pagans really started branching out with their teachings recorded in the written form. The standard response could very well be, “it’s a blending of Christianity and Paganism,” butContinue Reading

So Rich, why do you start with the Book of Shadows? It’s a valid question.  I wanted to start there because as we journey through the world of Christo-Paganism we will want to write down the thoughts and feelings we have about any given subject. To me it seems like a logical first step. What does this have to do with Christo-Paganism?Continue Reading

I wanted to start things off by discussing the Book of Shadows and I’ll say why later on. The original intent of the Book of Shadows has been alluded as the taking of the oral traditions and being put into writing for fear of the oral traditions being lost. The historical aspect of this has been called into question as the first time it is recorded as being used is by Gerald Gardner. Doreen Valiente stated that Gardner had taken the term from a magazine that he had seen in 1949. Prior to thisContinue Reading