I am pleased to introduce our ChristoPagan church dubbed “Our Lady of Perpetual Wisdom”. This church is to encourage the further development for Christians, Pagans, and ChristoPagans alike. It is an inclusive place where all are welcome if any or even if none of these labels pertain to you. Visit the link here to get the full rundown on the church. Church services, transcripts and the accompanying video will appear on the link at the bottom of that page. Services are currently scheduled for release on the dates indicated here at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time on YouTube (as a Premiere) and on Christopaganism.com. Be sure to visit the forum to join in community discussions as well.Continue Reading

Hey y’all I know I haven’t been posting on YouTube much, hardly at all really, for this past year. I have made a video on my channel going through the reasons why. While I was attempting to update the website, I noticed I was not receiving emails sent either. So, if you have been attempting to email me through this website, I have not been getting them. The Contact Me part of the website has been updated and it turned out to be a forwarding issue to my email from GoDaddy. Hopefully that will not be an issue again as it was a pain to figure it out. Thank you to those who have reached out throughout this year to check up on me. It is appreciated that I have people out there who were worried about me. Stay tuned for a big year coming up as there are a lot of things scheduled for release and many “balls” in the air as of right now.Continue Reading