What is Christo-Paganism

Although it’s not a new concept, there isn’t much written on the practice. Only in about the last 10 years have Christo-Pagans really started branching out with their teachings recorded in the written form.

The standard response could very well be, “it’s a blending of Christianity and Paganism,” but that’s a little too general for me. Christo-Paganism to me, is a path of coming out. It was coming out from a spiritually stunted way of thinking, to a place of knowledge and wisdom awaiting outside the church doors.

I was a Christian for about 10 years when a beloved family member died. I’d certainly had family pass away before, but none to this point of shaking my faith. With this in mind, I found my faith not having what I needed it to have in order to sustain me. I needed something more. I didn’t feel the need to turn my back on Christianity. It did nothing to deserve that type of anger from me and I certainly didn’t have any teachers who failed me in this aspect.

The only resentment I would have, would be with the seemingly endless calls to action. It seemed that every time I turned around I needed to be angered about something. I could only remain outraged for so long. I still find worthy causes to give my time and resources to, but now it’s from a different place in my heart and life. It is from a place of love and caring for the people around me.

When I came to Christo-Paganism, I found that it brought me a sense of peace. Don’t get me wrong, Christianity has many of those aspects in and of itself, however the dogma surrounding the teachings of Christianity is more foreboding than what I believe was originally intended by God.

So what is Christo-Paganism? It is a shedding of the doctrine of man imposed on the church. A way of washing away what doesn’t align with the true intent of God as well as a journey into the vast world of Pagan arts, sciences, and theories of what it all means when it comes to our existence.

I felt secure in being born again. Combining Pagan beliefs with the Christianity that I held so dear was like being born again, and then coming home to grow and learn about life and the joys that deity has given us.

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      This is a good article stating how Christopagans and Jewitches are accepted. So lovely seeing a Pagan group accepting Christopagans.

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