As with grounding, I believe centering is another topic that is touched on in many metaphysical books, but is rarely looked at in depth. So what is centering and how can it help you in your practice? My definition of centering isContinue Reading

grounding practice

Starting in my practice I read plenty of metaphysical books that touched slightly on grounding. The downside was, at least the ones that I read, never fully explained what grounding was. This confused me because it seemed like it was a basic fundamental, but I could’t really grasp what it was all about. So what is Grounding?Continue Reading

The shop is back up and running. We are now able to ship to the US and UK. More areas to come in the future. The prices are less than some of the leading competitors. All proceeds go to keeping up and running as a safe place for the community.  There are many more items getting uploaded soon. If you would like to see something sooner, all you have to do is ask.Continue Reading

The shop will be down temporarily. There are a few bugs that need to be addressed. I hope when it is up and running again that we will be able to ship to more than the U.S. Sorry for the inconvenience.Continue Reading

meditation in practice

I’ll be honest, for many years before I started my practice, I didn’t realize what meditation was or what the point was of meditation.  I was under the impression that meditation was something that old monks in the temple did all day. Certainly that had no use in my life, but oh boy could I have not been more wrong.Continue Reading