Shadowy Book Followup

So Rich, why do you start with the Book of Shadows?

It’s a valid question.  I wanted to start there because as we journey through the world of Christo-Paganism we will want to write down the thoughts and feelings we have about any given subject. To me it seems like a logical first step.

What does this have to do with Christo-Paganism?

While a Book of Shadows is a Pagan concept, true.  This doesn’t mean that nobody else can use it, or that it should be entirely limited to just Pagans. Ways of record keeping are not a Pagan dominated concept so maybe it’s just what we call it.  You can call your book whatever you want, that doesn’t matter in the end.

I wanted to us to already have an understanding of some sort of record keeping way before getting into more of the nitty gritty aspects of the path as a whole.

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