Recently I have been delving back into my family history. I found this as a good topic for a Wellness Wednesday topic because of some of the facts that you find in your history. These can pertain to both the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our lives. Continue Reading

In a previous video I have said that sometimes you need to take a break.  There is something to be said for someone who respects themselves enough know when they have too much on their plate.  I think many of us who have our plate full, usually contains someone else’s food.Continue Reading

On this Wellness Wednesday I would like to discuss taking care of your skin, particularly your face. I have been neglecting my facial care and need to get back into the routine that I used to have. The face has the most exposure to the elements on the daily basis, but sometimes can go neglected when it comes to skincare. I used to get compliments on my skin because it doesn’t break out like other’s do, but like everyone else I have troubles with the occasional breakout. Why take care of your face?Continue Reading

This week on Wellness Wednesday I’m addressing the numerous diet and exercise plans out there.  If you’re like me you have spent years trying to get into shape with some success but no lasting effects. The problem for me, and I’m guessing for many of you out there is finding a diet and exercise plan that you want to follow for the long haul. So with that in mind I came up with this as the plan that I am following for the next couple months to find the balance of diet and exercise without reaching that burnout.Continue Reading

I’m excited to announce the first post of the Wellness Wednesday series. I want to start this series by saying what Wellness Wednesdays are going to be, why I wanted to make this series, as well as give some legal disclaimers before going into this series. Wellness Wednesday is about taking care of yourself in all aspects. This isn’t to be confused with a diet or exercise plan, but really living your life to its fullest. It is about finding that balance of both your physical and spiritual life. This can include anything from chakra balancing to oils and herbs to cooking to exercise just to name a few. I wanted to start this series because when I approached my yearly physical training test for the Air Force in early April of this year. I realized how out of shape I have been. Even though I passed with a great score, that still didn’t hide the fact that I wasn’t taking care of my vessel of life. I’m 29 years old and I want to be sure that I remain here for many years to come. It isn’t enough to be here for those years though, I really want to have that quality in my physical life. As a witch I like to say, “if you don’t like the reality…change it”. This is me doing just that. If you have any topics that you would like to have covered in Wellness Wednesday leave a comment or email me a question through the Contact Me Page and I will try to get to it as soon as possible. Disclaimer: As a disclaimer, I want to say that I am not a health professional. I cannot stress enough that if you are looking to change your diet, start an exercise routine, or use/consume anything, consultContinue Reading