I briefly explained that I have been going through some health issues lately. So I figured I would explain some of it here so you all know what is going on. Any workings, prayers, or well wishes are always welcomed. In mid-January I, as all those with the dangly bits should, found a lump during a self exam. I went to the hospital when it started to hurt and they diagnosed that it was a cyst. While surgery is an option, the urologist that I am seeing is concerned about scar tissue and stated that it is not the cause of my pain. So I was sent to a physical therapist for pelvic floor dysfunction and got a CAT scan that discovered a hernia. The physical therapy is helping and I have a surgery consultation in Mid-April for the hernia. During this down time I have found that sitting in a seat puts pressure on the parts that hurt, however reclining and laying down help by taking the pressure off. Since much of my work with eBay is done sitting and lifting (something else I shouldn’t be doing), it has become harder to work in more than short bursts at the computer and lifting small objects. This has not only affected this site and the channel, but also my income. This post is not intended to be a pity party, nor a ploy to get you to buy something from my eBay store. That being said, if you are wanting to buy something from the eBay store, it would be greatly appreciated. Keep in mind that I do take offers and give discounts all the time. This time has been hard on the household the last couple months and any help would be appreciated.Continue Reading