Chip has gained some confidence with his new badass addition. He needed something to keep him warm as well as something stylish. Though he won’t wear it during our workings he does seem to like it during the nonworking hours even though he doesn’t like to be covered.Continue Reading

I talked briefly in my blog on handling working tools that there is one ‘”tool” that I would rather nobody touch but me. This “tool” has a name and it’s Chip. Chip is a wonderful quartz crystal sphere that I bought at a Ren. Faire this past summer. Looking into him (and yes he’s a he) you can see fantastic inclusions all over the place.  He and I have beenContinue Reading

When I started my studies of Paganism 6 years ago I’ll admit that I was conflicted. I still had, and still do have, a strong connection to Christianity. I knew that most Christians would have a negative outlook on my practice, but I never expected the Pagan community to have negative opinions on it. Don’t get me wrong,Continue Reading

I’ve been working with my tarot cards more lately. When I first started my studies on the tarot I was a bit confused with all the rules that most often came up. I learned that you can’t buy your own tarot, you have to keep them any certain cloth, nobody else can touch them, you have to shuffle them a certain way, and on and on. Well I broke most, if not all those “rules”. But it got me thinking about others handling my tools.Continue Reading

While on this site I hope to engage and foster a community of like minded Pagans, Christians, and Christo-Pagans. That’s why I use the tagline, “Bridging the Gap.” I just wanted to take a brief moment and explain a little about this site before going any further.Continue Reading