Dealing With the Haters

When I started my studies of Paganism 6 years ago I’ll admit that I was conflicted. I still had, and still do have, a strong connection to Christianity. I knew that most Christians would have a negative outlook on my practice, but I never expected the Pagan community to have negative opinions on it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve found many supportive members in the Pagan community. These people have assured and validated my beliefs as an excepted practice. However occasionally I still come in contact with Pagans who don’t believe the spiritual outlook that I and others like me have as being a valid belief.

Most often they are at first intrigued when I tell them that I am a Christo-Pagan. Once I explain what my beliefs, they don’t quite understand. I often get the glossy eyed look when I know they just don’t get it and that they lost interest. But I’ve finally come to a place where I don’t try to defend my practice to anyone.

So how do we get to that point?

It’s not easy that’s for sure. After several Facebook posts about more open minded thinking, I was inundated with comments from very conservative Christians (who don’t know of my Pagan side) about how much I’ve changed (I made a video about this encounter shown below). This caused me to look inward at who I am, what I believe, and in fact they were right. The change made a shift in my life of “I have to defend my beliefs” to “why should I care what they think about my faith?” After all when it comes to our faith, no matter what it is, our truth is our truth.

I also think that everyone should have a beliefs page at the beginning of your Book of Shadows. This is a good idea because it will be a way for you to examine intricate aspects of your beliefs as well. If you have a bound Book of Shadows you can put in on a separate sheet of paper, because after all beliefs change and evolve.

I would encourage anyone who is just starting out, to not shout their beliefs from the rooftops.  This isn’t to tell you not to be comfortable with your beliefs, instead to really examine what you believe before you tell someone who may not be supportive of your beliefs. Surround yourself with people who will support you, study with you, or teach you so you can grow in your faith and feel comfortable in your faith.

Once you have that support system, know your beliefs, and developed that “I don’t what someone thinks about my faith” attitude, then you are on the right track to not having to defend your faith to anyone. When you reach the point of not needing anyone to validate your beliefs, your stress is relieved and your life will be more blissful.

Keep in mind that even with this new found comfort in your life, this will not detract haters form coming to you. It will however make life more bearable when they come into your life.

So when they come into your life what do you do?

As I’ve said in the beginning of this website, you remove the negativity from your life. When you have someone post negative comments on a post (such as Facebook), remove it or ignore it all together. I’ve made a vow that I won’t let someone else’s negative thoughts about me into my space. Though I am not one to remove posts on my Facebook page, I do reserve that right. After all it’s my page. Not only that but I can also unfriend people and cut those cords that keep us bound to one another.  If all they’re going to bring is negativity that’s not much of a friend anyway.

So let’s raise a glass to all the haters out there and say a big heartfelt…GOODBYE!

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