Little Bit About

While on this site I hope to engage and foster a community of like minded Pagans, Christians, and Christo-Pagans. That’s why I use the tagline, “Bridging the Gap.” I just wanted to take a brief moment and explain a little about this site before going any further.

I don’t have a vision of paid membership (not even on the radar) and I frankly despise the idea of having to sign-in to post a comment on a blog. However I did need to make this site a member only comments site due to the spam appearing in the comments. So unfortunately in order to make sense of real humans posting comments, I had to make this a members only comment posting site. This may not seem like a big deal to you, but I loose passwords often so it is a big deal for me when posting on blogs.

I wanted to address the fancy looking button under the calendar. I won’t beg for donations and probably won’t mention it much on here beyond this post. I just wanted to explain for those who don’t know or don’t realized how much a website can cost to operate. This one in particular certainly isn’t bankrupting me, however, if our community does grow beyond the current site parameters, then the cost of the site will go up. So if at any point in time you feel the urge to drop some virtual pennies in the tip jar it would certainly be appreciated. (Keep your gum wrappers out of the tip jar though please. LOL)

Finally I wanted to discuss a timeline for this site. I will continue to keep this site going as long as there is interest for it. My test run is, as of right now, one year from the date of inception (31 December 2015). If there isn’t any interest as of 31 December 2016, then I will decide to shut down the site.

In the mean time, let’s have fun and commune with one another. Leave comments and suggestions on how the site could be updated (some changes on the way; social media buttons, RSS feed, etc). Also any topic questions you’d like answered are always welcomed.

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