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Let’s Face It

On this Wellness Wednesday I would like to discuss taking care of your skin, particularly your face. I have been neglecting my facial care and need to get back into the routine that I used to have. The face has the most exposure to the elements on the daily basis, but sometimes can go neglected when it comes to skincare. I used to get compliments on my skin because it doesn’t break out like other’s do, but like everyone else I have troubles with the occasional breakout.

Why take care of your face?

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Moon in the Dead of Night


I will be the first to admit that when I first started my practice, I did not have much of a connection to the Moon. I will say that I did recognize that the moon gave off certain energies depending on the phase, but I just didn’t have the connection that many others did. I did pay attention to it when it came to my spell work, but not in any other aspect of my life. When I found my Goddess Sophia, the presence of the Moon became more prevalent in my life.

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Diet Planning Done Right…For Me

This week on Wellness Wednesday I’m addressing the numerous diet and exercise plans out there.  If you’re like me you have spent years trying to get into shape with some success but no lasting effects. The problem for me, and I’m guessing for many of you out there is finding a diet and exercise plan that you want to follow for the long haul. So with that in mind I came up with this as the plan that I am following for the next couple months to find the balance of diet and exercise without reaching that burnout. Continue reading Diet Planning Done Right…For Me