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Items needed: Fresh Water Salt “Help is in the Lord and Lady. Who made heaven and earth.” Salt: “Creature of salt, I cast out any negative energy from you by the Grand + Architect + of the + Universe. May you be a purified salt, a means of health for those who believe, a medicine for body and soul for all who make use of you. May all negativity of a foul fiend, malice and cunning, be driven afar from where you are sprinkled. So mote it be! Lord and Lady, I humbly appeal to your mercy and goodness to graciously bless + this creature, salt. May any who use it find in it a remedy for body and mind. May everything it touches or sprinkles be freed from uncleanness and any influence of negative energy. As I will so mote it be!” Water: “Creature of water, I cast out any negativity from you in the name of the Grand + Architect + of the + Universe. May you be a purified water, empowered to drive afar negative energy, to root out and banish any malevolence. I ask this through the poser of the Lord and Lady. So mote it be! Lord and Lady, pour forth your blessing + on this element now being prepared with various purifying rites. May this creature of yours, when used in your mysteries and endowed with your grace, serve to cast out negativity and to banish disease. May everything that this water sprinkles in the homes and gatherings of the faithful be delivered from all that is unclean and hurtful; let no breath of contagion hover there, no taint of corruption; let all the wiles of malevolence come to nothing. By the sprinkling of this water, may everything opposed to safety , and ofContinue Reading

The first chapter of The Inner Temple of Witchcraft by Christopher Penczak starts the way many beginner witchcraft books start, with some history and terminology for the word witch.Continue Reading

During this time of the year many Pagans in the northern hemisphere are celebrating Imbolc. So I figured this would be a good time to cover what Imbolc means for not only a vast majority of Celtic focused Pagans but also many Christians out there, since in my practice I celebrate this overlap.  I want to first start with the significance of this time of the year. This is the time that we get the first signs of the spring season. This is seen by the onset of the lambing season, the beginning of the spring sowing, and the blooming of the blackthorn. It is also almost the midpoint between Yule and Ostara. The actual midpoint would be around the fourth of February but I’m not going to quibble over a 1-2 day difference because solstices and equinoxes can differ slightly. This is why in my practice I put a more hard line date to these days. We are also seeing the lengthening of days during this time of year as well. Because of this we see the lighting of candles playing a prominent role in practices and this reflects the increasing power of the sun.  In Christianity this time of the year is often referred to as Candlemass. I often interchange the words Imbolc and Candlemass in my practice. This celebration commemorates the presentation of Jesus at the Temple. This is a practice was done 33 days after circumcision along with a sin offering to purify the mother. Today in Christianity, candles are often brought to the local churches to be blessed for use during the rest of the year. In this practice the candles are a symbol of Christ being the light of the world.  This is also the time when the Catholic Church celebrates St. Brigid ofContinue Reading

If you have watched me on the Pagan Perspective, you are probably aware that one of my goals for this year I have set the goal to get back to making videos. You may also have heard that I got a new job in addition to being a part owner at my store. 2019 had been a crazy stressful year for me. 2020 has started out, and while still only being in the first month, it is getting to be considerably better than where I was this time last year.   With my new job, as of August I am working full time as a manager at a storage facility I do have some luxury of time to read and at times also being able to make videos. I will be using this time to knock out some of my reading list. I am slowly ramping up these efforts so I will not become overwhelmed with the amount of items on my to-do list. I ask that you all be patient as I start up these projects.  I am one of those people that like to constantly have projects going on with many irons in the fire. Where I fail is when I execute the plans for those projects. You can see examples of this with the many series that I have started and stopped over the course of this blog. I hope to change this in the future and once again ask for your patience as I attempt to stay on track.  One of the projects that I am going to strive to accomplish is to make at least one video each week. This will go hand in hand with another goal of reading through Christopher Penczak’s bibliography. Since there is a large number of books in this bibliography,Continue Reading