Futhark Friday: Uruz

This week’s Futhark Friday rune is Uruz. Uruz, sometimes called Ur, refers back to the aurochs. These wild untamable bulls were a real danger to man at one time. This rune encompasses the spirit of the aurochs though.

The commonly referred to meaning of this run is strength. This isn’t necessarily physical strength as much as stamina. This is the run about getting to where you have to go and steadily getting there. Just like those wild bulls, with Uruz once you start you don’t stop until the job is done. This can be great when it comes up in a reading as this is you accomplishing your goal without anything telling you that you can’t.

If the inquiry is regarding health, it is a very good sign. Like its power to get things done, it can also foretell you standing your ground with the strength to see any health situation through.

Keep in mind that before you start your charge towards your target, that you have a set focus on what you want or need to accomplish. Being a wild bull charging towards a target is one thing, but without focus, you’re just a bull in a china shop.

Uruz coming up in reverse for the future means now is the time to brace yourself. These are times of feeling that you are being run over by a steam roller. With these times, hold on tight and ask for assistance when needed (after all we are here for each other).

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