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Others Handling Your Working Tools

I’ve been working with my tarot cards more lately. When I first started my studies on the tarot I was a bit confused with all the rules that most often came up. I learned that you can’t buy your own tarot, you have to keep them any certain cloth, nobody else can touch them, you have to shuffle them a certain way, and on and on. Well I broke most, if not all those “rules”. But it got me thinking about others handling my tools. Continue reading Others Handling Your Working Tools

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Duality of Deities

When starting this path almost 6 years ago, one major difference I found in myself verses all the other Pagans I was meeting was that I didn’t have a Goddess. Though I needed more in my life than what contemporary Christianity was offering me, I wasn’t ready to make the leap into full on Paganism. I certainly didn’t wish to turn my back on my faith in Christ and the Christian concept of who God is.

Let’s face it. The first reason why I was intrigued with Paganism was Continue reading Duality of Deities

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Shadowy Book Followup

So Rich, why do you start with the Book of Shadows?

It’s a valid question.  I wanted to start there because as we journey through the world of Christo-Paganism we will want to write down the thoughts and feelings we have about any given subject. To me it seems like a logical first step.

What does this have to do with Christo-Paganism? Continue reading Shadowy Book Followup

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The Book of Shadows

Gardner's_Book_of_Shadows_frontI wanted to start things off by discussing the Book of Shadows and I’ll say why later on. The original intent of the Book of Shadows has been alluded as the taking of the oral traditions and being put into writing for fear of the oral traditions being lost. The historical aspect of this has been called into question as the first time it is recorded as being used is by Gerald Gardner. Doreen Valiente stated that Gardner had taken the term from a magazine that he had seen in 1949. Prior to this Continue reading The Book of Shadows