Previously we covered the element of Air. As it is the element of thought and intellect. Fire is the element of passion, lust, desire, and love. It is the fire that burns inside of you. For many in the Northern Hemisphere, it is located in the south as it gets hotter for them as they go further south to the equator. For practitioners in the Southern Hemisphere it can be seen as the energy of the north as that is the direction towards the equator. As with any elemental direction, it can be changed to fit however the element of Fire speaks to you.Continue Reading

We discussed the elemental energies two weeks ago, now let’s discuss the elemental energy of Air. Air is traditionally associated with the compass direction of East. As discussed previously, the direction of elemental energies can be dependent on the individual’s geographical location. In this segment I want to discuss what the element of Air is, why it is usually in the East for me, why I start my ritual in the east, and some ways you can connect with the element of Air. Continue Reading

Continuing with the ChirstoPagan series, it would be a terrible injustice to not talk about elemental energies. We’ve talked about the concepts of energies, grounding energies, and centering energies, but what are elemental energies. Elemental energiesContinue Reading

grounding practice

Starting in my practice I read plenty of metaphysical books that touched slightly on grounding. The downside was, at least the ones that I read, never fully explained what grounding was. This confused me because it seemed like it was a basic fundamental, but I could’t really grasp what it was all about. So what is Grounding?Continue Reading

meditation in practice

I’ll be honest, for many years before I started my practice, I didn’t realize what meditation was or what the point was of meditation.  I was under the impression that meditation was something that old monks in the temple did all day. Certainly that had no use in my life, but oh boy could I have not been more wrong.Continue Reading