Western Water Flows Free

Last time we talked about the elemental energy of Fire and how it is a projective energy. In this post I want to discuss the first of the two receptive elemental energies that I come to during ritual. Water, as I already mentioned is a receptive energy, we go into the water as water will accept almost anything going into it.To most Water is seen as energy of emotion. This isn’t to be confused with the passion, desire, lust, and love of Fire, but rather the full spectrum of emotions. This can be anything from sadness to joy. I see this range of emotions depicted wonderfully in the Tarot suit of Cups. In that suit you’ll see the joy and happiness of family and friends as well as the depression and sadness of being or feeling alone. These are the emotions to be fully felt and to grow from whereas the Fire emotions are about what we want, the Water emotions are how and why we want.

Looking at the witch’s pyramid, Water is seen as the “To Dare” aspect. To me this is the aspect of daring to subdue the voices that are not aiding in your growth or magic. It is the aspect of drowning out anything that can hold you back from being your best self. Subduing doesn’t only pertain to the unhelpful voices, but also the passions themselves. Passions are raw and unruly. When subdued by Water and they are put under our control rather than our passions and emotions controlling us.

For many practitioners the elemental energy of Water is placed in the west. Again this can be changed if it feels right for you to change it. I again go to the Freemasonry teachings when dealing with the Western Water direction. The west is where the Senior Warden is stationed. As I see harmony in the flowing of water I am reminded of the Senior Warden’s purpose. He is opposite and second in line to the Worshipful Master, He observes and aids in the opening and closing of the lodge, but he also makes sure everyone is satisfied and work in harmony with one another.

When looking at the idea formed by Air, put to the test of Fire to see if we are passionate enough, we then come to Water. With Water, as I said earlier, we subdue our passions. Being passionate about your idea is great, but keeping those passions and desires in check is very important. This is the stage of looking at these passions. Honestly knowing what emotions are going to water this idea to make it grow. Is it a deep caring for others, or is it to make a name for yourself? Is it something that will grow from love or revenge?

At this stage we cleanse these passions and desires into their purest form. What was once a raw idea has now burned away the chaff and is cleansed by water.

Connecting to Water energy can be quite easy. I have a fountain in my room that keeps the harmony and flow. Taking a shower or bath is certainly a way to connect with the cleansing aspects of water. The act of embracing your emotions can be another way to truly embody the water energy (after all a good cry is sometimes all you need whether for good or bad reasons).

What are some ways that you connect with water? Share them by leaving a comment.

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