Northern Earth Grounds Us All

We come to the last of the four primary elemental energies, Earth. Earth is an element of receptivity. Like Water we go into it and it accepts what is brought within it. As all elements change us and our ideas in their own way, Earth makes the most noticeable change for me. Earth is about solidifying, connecting, grounding, strength, birth, and death. Earth is where we come from and where we return to. Earth is the element to which we ground ourselves and in doing so connects us to everything else. To many practitioners the element of Earth is placed in the North. Most of the time it is placed opposite Fire as Earth is a colder element. For me this also speaks true. Growing up in the northern portion of the United States, it wasn’t lost on me come winter time why the north was associated with the cold.

In Freemasonry the north is in darkness. This is symbolic of how King Solomon’s Temple didn’t have the light cast upon it in the northern side at noon. For me this is important because as I travel in the clockwise motion it also relates to me going through the cycles of life and finally into death where I will become one with the Earth once more.

Looking at the element of the Earth as a grounding and solidifying element is important as well. We had our idea from Air, challenged by the Fire to ensure the passion and desire was substantial enough, cleansed by the water to subdue our passions and keep our emotions in check. Now that idea is brought forth as a solidified being, grounded and strong. If you are holding the “astral board meeting” this may be a time for your silence, for you to reflect upon this idea that is coming to solidarity. This is seen in the witch’s pyramid as the “To Be Silent” aspect, reminding us that inward contemplation is so very important when undertaking any task. For after you have brought your idea through the silence of Earth we make our way to the combined Spirit aspect. On the witch’s pyramid this is the “To Go” aspect. Your idea has endured the four elemental energies and now it is time for the rest of the world to take note of what has been created.

So how can you connect to the element of Earth?

We already covered the most obvious way before, and that’s by grounding. Bringing yourself to that place of sharing your energy with the Earth and thus strengthening yourself in the process.

Another way is to again go outside. Take off your shoes, feel the grass and cool dirt entangle with your toes.

Picture yourself as an immovable bolder or mountain that is a part of the Earth. Strong and immovable you stand your ground as a solid figure. Feel your cool insides that are made of dirt, rocks, and crystals.

Speaking of rocks and crystals, you can hold some of them in your hand. Examine them. See the beauty that they contain and the silent cool cavern or mine they once called home.

Of course this only scratches the crust of the Earth when discussing ways to connect with the elemental energy. If you have a favorite way that you connect with Earth share it in the comments.

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