Moon in the Dead of Night

I will be the first to admit that when I first started my practice, I did not have much of a connection to the Moon. I will say that I did recognize that the moon gave off certain energies depending on the phase, but I just didn’t have the connection that many others did. I did pay attention to it when it came to my spell work, but not in any other aspect of my life. When I found my Goddess Sophia, the presence of the Moon became more prevalent in my life.

For many, the Moon is considered a Goddess representation.  The parallel to the feminine energy is prevalent when you look at the cycle of the moon mirroring the cycle of a female menstrual cycle.  While listening to the Psychic Teachers podcast, one of the hosts brought up the fact that the Moon also receives its light from the sun. When that was said, it clicked for me even more what the energy of the Moon is about and how it interacts with my life.

Some questions that I have for anyone out there is what effect does it have in your practice? Have you always had a connection with lunar energy or is it something that you have not considered in your practice? If you haven’t considered it, why not? If you have always had that connection, why did you have it? These are some things to consider this week as we start to delve more into the lunar energies and what they mean in each phase.

I will be covering each phase in the next few weeks as well, so I didn’t want to cover too much in one post. So stay tuned for the coming weeks when I will be covering the phases.

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