Let’s Face It

On this Wellness Wednesday I would like to discuss taking care of your skin, particularly your face. I have been neglecting my facial care and need to get back into the routine that I used to have. The face has the most exposure to the elements on the daily basis, but sometimes can go neglected when it comes to skincare. I used to get compliments on my skin because it doesn’t break out like other’s do, but like everyone else I have troubles with the occasional breakout.

Why take care of your face?

Other than it being the most seen part of your body, it is the place where your expressions are shown the most. We show our happiness, sorrow, shyness, and anger through our facial expressions. Our face shows our age (some of us like to keep that a secret) and it shows our approachability. It is one of the aspects that many use as a snap judgement to trust or distrust someone. Not to mention, when you look good, you feel good.

How do you take care of your face?

This is a tough one for me since I work as a machinist and welder in the military. I come in contact with dirt, soot, oil, and grease that isn’t good for the pores at all. On top of all that I wear a CPAP machine at night that gives me a regular blemish where the mask makes contact on my nose.

I used to have a regular regimen of using facial cream daily and exfoliating weekly, but I have gotten away from it since I came to Korea. So as I start my regimen back up I am going to share it with you.

First of all I am going to get rid of the latest blemish that I have from my CPAP. One natural product that you can use is Tea Tree essential oil (be careful not to get it in your eyes and contact your doctor of any side effects that could occur if you are pregnant or have allergies as they can instruct if it is safe to use for you).  I take a small dab of the oil and place it right on the blemish. This will help it heal faster but it doesn’t work immediately so patience is needed.

The next undertaking for me is to start with a clean slate. This means getting all the oils out of my pores and off my face. For this I use Olay Regenerist Micro-Dermabrasion Treatment. It took me a while to find a product that works well for me and it can get pricey, so it might be wise to contact a dermatologist to see what their recommendations are for your skin. This is a weekly undertaking so I will make this part of my Sunday list of things to do so I don’t miss it.

The last undertaking is daily maintenance. With this I use Olay Regenerist Regenerating Serum.  Again results may vary and you could save money and aggravation by consulting a dermatologist before purchasing any products.  This is one that I usually use in the morning and there is one that I used to use at night (Studio 35 Night Recovery Cream *but I’m looking for a better one for me*) before going to bed. I have gotten away from using both and will start both of them back up.  I usually do the morning one right after I brush my teeth before leaving for work and the night one right after brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed.

Other natural ways of lessening your chances of having a blemish is drinking more water. I know I don’t drink anywhere near as much water as I should. Upping your water intake and lessening the amount of soft drinks and fatty foods will give you a better complexion in time, plus it’ll show on the scale.

For those out there who need to regularly shave, you may also want to try this tip as well. Instead of spending a ton of money on fancy shaving cream, try using a dab of hair conditioner. I have been using conditioner as a shaving cream for the last year or so and I don’t think I’ll go back to buying the expensive shaving creams that give me the same results. It’s something that I am buying anyway, it leaves my skin silky smooth, and it just takes a small dab to do the job on my face.

I hope you found these tips helpful. Share in the comments some ways that you take care for your face. Next week I will be having snack time for Wellness Wednesday so join me then.

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