Energy Concepts

Energy! What’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it a sparkling light? A feeling? Or is it scientific? More importantly what does it have to do with Christo-paganism?Continue Reading

Without fail, every year I see the biggest pissing contest between Christians and Pagans. This fight has been going on for years and I cannot believe it’s still actually going on. This continuous fight is aboutContinue Reading

After much thought and consideration, I have decided that there is a change that needs to be made. This is a big change and it’ll hopefully turn into a well rounded regimen that is much needed for me. This would also benefit y’all who come to this blog hoping to get moreContinue Reading

I want to discuss something that has been discussed before within the Pagan community and this has to do with money. I’ve heard in the past that some pagans think that people who provide readings or workshops should not charge for magical services. As a YouTuber I had a friend of mine get called a “sellout” because they monetized their account and asked for sponsors on YouTube. This person would like to make a full-time job out of their YouTube channel and the work that they do for the Pagan Community. This angers me that somebody who gave so much of their time would get called a “sellout”.Continue Reading

So for the last two months I haven’t been involved with the blog and I would like to explain some of that. For those of you who follow my YouTube channel know, I dedicated that portion of time to a 40 day journey of empowerment. During this timeContinue Reading