Silly Holiday Fights

Without fail, every year I see the biggest pissing contest between Christians and Pagans. This fight has been going on for years and I cannot believe it’s still actually going on. This continuous fight is about holidays.

Every year when Christmas or Easter (predominately the most fought over) comes around, you see Pagans get angry that Christians are taking their holidays. Then Christians preach to the Pagans. The whole situation gets out of hand and the Christo-Pagans sit aside feeling uncomfortable.

This childish fighting is the equivalent of “give me that it’s MINE.”

Truth be told is that it’s neither group’s, it is a season! The season of spring in which Easter and Ostara are both held, is EVERYONE’s season and the same is true for Christmas and Yule. This fighting will do nothing but build bigger barriers between Christians and Pagans.

So what can we, as Christians/Christo-Pagans/Pagans do when we see this feud? One thing to do is not to buy into the fighting. Another is to deflate the balloon whenever you see it. Remain calm with the angry, ask them what they expect the end game to be with regards to their argument. If their end game is, “I want them to know that their holiday was once Pagan” or “I want them to know that this time of the year is about Jesus dying for us.” Then ask a follow-up question of, “what will happen if they don’t want to hear it?” Truth is, if the opposing side doesn’t want to hear the other’s message, it will only lead to a fight. Furthermore, they won’t even be receptive if they are attacked in an angry, sarcastic, and hateful manner that seems so prevalent with this feud.

So hopefully the next seasonal holiday argument will be nonexistent. Until next time, bridge that gap.

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