Witchy Money Matters

I want to discuss something that has been discussed before within the Pagan community and this has to do with money. I’ve heard in the past that some pagans think that people who provide readings or workshops should not charge for magical services. As a YouTuber I had a friend of mine get called a “sellout” because they monetized their account and asked for sponsors on YouTube. This person would like to make a full-time job out of their YouTube channel and the work that they do for the Pagan Community. This angers me that somebody who gave so much of their time would get called a “sellout”.

Some people do not realize how much time, energy, and money it takes to do some of the work that we do. Some people out there have expensive equipment that they utilize. Some have expensive software that they need in order to make the high quality videos that they make. While I don’t have the equipment or software, I do put a lot of thought and energy into the videos and the things that I do for the Pagan and Christo-Pagan community. Many of us on YouTube or even in the blogging community do not wish to get rich quick. Simply want to spread ideas ways of practice and gain a sense of community.

When it comes to workshops you have to sit back and realize the amount of research and energy a person has put into learning what they are about to teach. These teachers are giving their most precious commodity in regards to this research, and that’s their time. You have to take into consideration how much it cost for them to travel and how much it costs them for any handouts that they give. Information is free.However when somebody takes their time and money, then presents this information to you in a workshop setting, they should be paid accordingly.

When looking at people who do readings, you need to realize how much of their energy goes into each reading. There are times after performing a reading (granted I do email readings only as of right now) whenever I go to email the person they’re reading, and I cannot finish the email in one sitting because of the energy drain. Again you have travel expenses and cost of equipment (such as tarot cards and incense).

Giving of money and our own energy to others is a direct reflection of what we think of that person. If you are not willing to pay for services rendered, then examine within yourself how much you really value that person. In any other career, where a person chooses to provide the service to another person, they are given money for services rendered. Why should giving readings or providing a workshop be any different?

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  1. I teach riding lessons and it’s that we charge for our time that we took to educate ourselves, we all to be paid for our time that we take our of or day for that person and the time to care for their horses. It doesn’t change no matter what we decide to do

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