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Grounding: The Earth Energy Exchange

Starting in my practice I read plenty of metaphysical books that touched slightly on grounding. The downside was, at least the ones that I read, never fully explained what grounding was. This confused me because it seemed like it was a basic fundamental, but I could’t really grasp what it was all about.

So what is Grounding?

Grounding, or earthing, is about being in the present moment. Very much the, “coming down to Earth,” not worrying about the past or the future,  simply breathing, and being in the moment. Grounding to me is also an exchange and balancing of your energies with the Earth. This can mean you take or drain your personal energy as needed. Think of it as an energy regulator.

Gaining this present moment awareness will help you gain clarity and calmness in your magical and mundane life. This energy will help your raise, send, and drain extra energy left over after a working.

So how do you ground?

There are several ways to ground and these are the top three ways that work best for me.

  1. Meditation

As you practice different meditation techniques, like some the ones that we discussed last week, try this meditation for grounding. This can be done by sitting, standing, or even by walking.

Picture your feet growing out like tree roots. See these roots going down into the Earth. If you are indoors or separated by the Earth, picture the roots going through the building. See these roots going into the core of the Earth. Breathe in the energy of the Earth, bringing it into your body. As you breathe out send energy back into the Earth.

The act of breathing the energy in and out syncs the Earth’s and your energy together, keeping your feet firmly on the ground. If you need more energy for a working, breathe in and hold the energy, but don’t send the energy back out when you breathe out. If you find out that you have too much energy, breathe out the energy but don’t draw in more energy when you breathe in.

If envisioning roots doesn’t work for you then you can do the same with visualizing an anchor coming out of the bottom of your spine and extending through the Earth.


2. Stones and Crystals

One of the techniques that I started doing lately is carrying a small pouch of stones. Inside that pouch is a tiger’s eye. FullSizeRenderThis particular tiger’s eye has quite a story, but for me is a fantastic grounding stone. Looking at the shades and how it changes when you look at it puts my feet firmly on the ground. You will find what stone works for you.

When you find the stone for you, hold the stone in you hand. Look at the details of the stone. If it has veins or spots, inspect them. Don’t rush the process of this inspection. Just be in the moment of looking at them. Notice if the stone feels warm or cold in your hand, and if it is rough or smooth. Feel the vibrations that come from this stone and notice what it makes you feel.

When you find the right stone or crystal for you, you will know. Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be a magnificent looking stone to give you a grounding experience. It can even be a regular rock from the backyard.

3. Nature Walks

nature pathwayTaking a simple walk out in nature or even coming in contact with a tree will aide you in grounding. Touch the Earth or tree with your hand. Experience and explore every aspect of what you’re feeling. Focus on the minute details of what your hand is contacting. Become part of that object and match the energetic vibrations. Be in that moment. Let all your worries melt away in that moment.

Again feeling the warmth or coolness will help you ground yourself in the moment.  Be sure not to rush yourself through this experience. Taking time to be in that moment will help you keep both your feet on the ground.

Practice these techniques anytime you have a headache, feel confused, lightheaded, or need to regulate your energy in any way. I hope that these techniques are helpful. Let me know if you’ve used these methods before, how they’ve worked for you, or if you have any others that have worked for you.

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