This Year’s Goal List

If you have watched me on the Pagan Perspective, you are probably aware that one of my goals for this year I have set the goal to get back to making videos. You may also have heard that I got a new job in addition to being a part owner at my store. 2019 had been a crazy stressful year for me. 2020 has started out, and while still only being in the first month, it is getting to be considerably better than where I was this time last year.  

With my new job, as of August I am working full time as a manager at a storage facility I do have some luxury of time to read and at times also being able to make videos. I will be using this time to knock out some of my reading list. I am slowly ramping up these efforts so I will not become overwhelmed with the amount of items on my to-do list. I ask that you all be patient as I start up these projects. 

I am one of those people that like to constantly have projects going on with many irons in the fire. Where I fail is when I execute the plans for those projects. You can see examples of this with the many series that I have started and stopped over the course of this blog. I hope to change this in the future and once again ask for your patience as I attempt to stay on track. 

One of the projects that I am going to strive to accomplish is to make at least one video each week. This will go hand in hand with another goal of reading through Christopher Penczak’s bibliography. Since there is a large number of books in this bibliography, I may need this to go into 2021. This will go hand in hand with the video per week because I also want to start a book club on here discussing each chapter of the Temple of Witchcraft series. I may, if you all would like, continue this book club to his other works as well as to other authors. 

As part of my practice I am also attempting to get back to the basics of my practice by celebrating all the sabbats and all the esbats. I have stated in the past and still stand by my previous comments that you don’t need to have a full ritual in order to honor the season. I do miss the ceremony of ritual and would like to get back to the ceremony of ritual rather than the stripped down basics that I did out of the necessity of time and location.  

While I go back to these basics I want to strive to continue with the theme of asking the why behind what we do. Why do I walk this circle in a certain manner? Why is the wording of a ritual or spell done in a certain way? And Why is it important to my practice? Answering these questions for every aspect of my own practice is something that will only strengthen it. On the flip-side I hope you will also come along on this journey with your own practice. Asking these questions to yourself to come to your own conclusions. As always comments and questions are always welcomed. If you would like to ask a question or leave a comment you can do so below. Given the amount of spam comments that I have gotten in the past I have turned off the immediate approval on the website, but your comment will show up after it is approved as not being spam. I do read all the comments and would also like to remind everyone that on this blog close-minded comments are not tolerated. Comments will be removed not for simple disagreements but only if they are attacking or done in a manner that is not pertaining to that of a civilized conversation. 

That’s all that I have for now. Even if this is coming a little late in the first month of the year, I do wish you all a happy and productive year. Now let’s get to work. 

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