New Moon Musings

Last week we discussed the moon in general, but this week we are focusing on the new moon. What is it, what energies does it bestow on us, how do we relate to it, and how can we use these energies in our practice. I also want to discuss the dark moon in tandem with the new moon. The reason that I want to discuss these together is that they are sometimes seen as the same time but they can really be seen as different times that you might find need to be honored separately in your own practice.What is the New Moon/Dark Moon?

The easiest way to explain the new moon is the point of time that is opposite the full moon. That time that you don’t see the reflection of light but the first signs of light will be reflecting within the next day or so.  The dark moon is the point of time before the moon becomes new, right after the last sliver of light has left the moon.  Of course there are more scientific ways of explaining its placement in the sky, but I’ll leave that to the scientists.

The reason that the new moon and dark moon are often seen as the same is because once the light leaves the moon, it starts to gain in light again after a few days. So in essence it can be difficult to distinguish between the time of the dark moon and the new moon.

What energies are bestowed on us?

The energies of the dark moon, as I see it, are actually a lack of energy.  It is a time of rest. A time of gathering the strength and taking a break from everything going on in the world.  This doesn’t mean that your life stops, but should be seen as a reminder to take a break and reflect on what your next step is and where you go from where you’re at. To me I kind of see this as the Moon having a weekend.

The energies of the new moon are about new growth. This is like the Monday for the Moon, which the word Monday comes from the word Moon. It is a time of getting the engines running and getting ready to face the challenges up ahead.

How do we relate to the Dark/New Moon?

In the Old Testament we see that certain offerings were given to God at the start of each month, which started on the new moon.  This is expressed in Numbers 28:11.  So we can say that under the Old Testament rules, the new moon was a significant time. It can be seen as a thank you for the blessings that will come in the following lunar month.

To many Pagans, the dark moon is the ending of the croning moon. The Goddess has fulfilled her path through the sky and is at rest until she is reborn to the new moon.

The new moon is seen as as the starting of the time of the Maiden. This is the time that the Goddess is in her youth.  She is starting her journey toward motherhood but until that time arrives, she is enjoying her maidenhood. Again this shows just the very beginnings and the starting toward something more.

How can we use these energies in our practice?

In my practice I haven’t really used the dark moon energy, or lack there of, but I am intrigued to start connecting with this time of the lunar cycle. The time of taking a break to gather my personal energies before starting anew.  This would be a great time to make preparations for the upcoming new moon such as making sure you have supplies needed if you are performing ritual and going over spell workings if there are any you plan to do for the new moon. A cleansing shower or bath would be a good idea for getting the old lunar month’s energies off you and to start anew.

I have conducted ritual for the new moon in the past, but it hasn’t been a part of my practice for a while. During the new moon ritual there may be spell work that is a part of the ritual. The spell work for this moon phase is anything that you want to begin, such as a new business venture, a diet regimen, or even a new love interest.

Of coarse there is plenty more that can be said about the dark moon and new moon, but I hope this got the wheels turning for some inspiration for your practice. If you have something that you would like to add go ahead and leave a comment. Next week we will be discussing the waxing moon.

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