Futhark Friday: Fehu

In this Futhark Friday we really start to get into the runes and what they mean. In this post we are discussing the first rune called Fehu.

Fehu literally translates as “cattle”.  In ancient Nordic locations, and also around the world, the association to cattle often related to one’s financial status. The more cattle you have equals the more money you have. So it would come as no surprise that Fehu is the rune for money, prosperity, and good fortune. More specifically the tangible items within your life.I see this rune visually as a growing tree that shows the growing of the material possessions in my life, so that may help the visual learners out there.

In the upright meaning in divination if seen in the present or past it shows that you have had good fortune or money come into your life, but it’s exceptionally well if you see this in the future position as that would be those aspects coming into your life in the future.

If it is seen in the reverse then it is the misfortunes or loosing of money in your life. This may be the case when you have large bills coming due or a financial situation that is looming on the horizon. If seen in the future aspect, now is the time to circle the wagons and save frivolous spending for another time. If Fehu is seen in the present or past position, in reverse, then this could be the ending of misfortune or a bad financial situation.

Using Fehu in your spell work is a great way to incorporate this rune into your practice. Just be sure to place it in the upright form. You can use it by drawing it on a piece of paper to be kept in your wallet/purse or you can wear it as jewelry. If you are a crystal grid worker, consider placing prosperity crystals in the form of Fehu. For the herbal workers out there, you can place your herbs in the form of Fehu, or draw the rune on a paper and wrap herbs into it as a sachet or burn it as a fire spell. The possibilities are endless for you to work with this rune.

I hope you have found this helpful and if you have other ways that you connect or use the rune Fehu in your practice share it in a comment below.

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