While on this site I hope to engage and foster a community of like minded Pagans, Christians, and Christo-Pagans. That’s why I use the tagline, “Bridging the Gap.” I just wanted to take a brief moment and explain a little about this site before going any further.Continue Reading

As I stated in the previous post, one of the reasons I first came to Christo-Paganism was because the idea of spell casting intrigued me so much. The routine of ritual resonated with me as it was like the Catholic masses I saw as a young boy, but not being raised primarily Catholic, rarely got to witness. Understanding the catalyst nature of spellwork gave me the confidence to do these workings and off I went. Spirit communication type of spell work wasContinue Reading

Hey guys and gals. You may know me from YouTube as Christowitch2005, from my weekly PaganPerspective spot, personally, or maybe not at all. In any case, you have found your way here and for that I say welcome. This blog willContinue Reading