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This book has covered something that isn’t covered as much in the Pagan community, the gay male.  Gay men may have a hard time seeing the similarity of their faith and their sexuality. After all, how can you relate to the Great Rite as a male who has no physical attraction to females, who has never related to the male/female dynamics of sex that is so obvious in Pagan spirituality. Where are the gay myths? What does your practice mean as a gay man?

In this book the author speaks candidly of the ritual tradition that he created with other men to bring to light what their sexuality as gay men means for them, and how they used it as part of their spiritual practice. He doesn’t go too in depth in this book so I would say that for a beginner gay man this is a wonderful book.  For the gay practitioner that has been a practicing for a few years, I would still suggest this book for the chapter by chapter myths. The author has beautifully incorporated our hero (the green man) as a gay figure that follows through the wheel of the year, incorporating aspects of multiple deities from several traditions.

There are also several suggestions for gaining self confidence as a gay male as well solid well thought out commentary of his personal tradition practices.  It isn’t riddled with rituals or spells but rather focuses on confidence building and some basics of the practice of Wicca as a gay man.

If you happen to be a gay man and have not read this, I do suggest that you read it.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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