FullSizeRender 4When I first started my practice, I was really excited to find that there was a book that would resonate with me and the practice.  That couldn’t have been further from the truth with this book. I waited about 4-5 years before I actually got around to buying it, and am happy that I did.

The history that she poses as fact has no cited sources. She shows no validity to the historical “fact” that she states. For someone who truly loves history, I found this as a slap in the face.  I do agree with some of the aspects that she shared, but it was so hard getting past the grammar/historical/spelling errors along with the way that it was haphazardly put together. I enjoy reading ritual setups of others, but these ones were entirely too wordy and difficult to read.

Her agenda throughout the book is clearly fueled by anger towards the Christian Church. If it was presented as a political stance type book then that would be fine, but when you are writing an uplifting spiritual piece, you shouldn’t fuel your book through anger.

I was overall thoroughly disappointed with this book, I have never found a Metaphysical/New Age book that I couldn’t have any good takeaway from.  Since I couldn’t trust even the basic history of this book, it makes me leery of trusting anything else she says. If she spent some time to research her work, cite her sources, not write with anger, and not “talk down” to the reader, then this might have been a good book. Since she has already set the mark as someone who couldn’t be trusted, I will never waste my time with ANYTHING she publishes again.

Rating: -5 out of 5


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