South Fire Burns Bright

Previously we covered the element of Air. As it is the element of thought and intellect. Fire is the element of passion, lust, desire, and love. It is the fire that burns inside of you. For many in the Northern Hemisphere, it is located in the south as it gets hotter for them as they go further south to the equator. For practitioners in the Southern Hemisphere it can be seen as the energy of the north as that is the direction towards the equator. As with any elemental direction, it can be changed to fit however the element of Fire speaks to you.For me I do view the direction of fire to be in the south. There are multiple reasons for this as well. As I grew up in the United States, the south is a place of heat. The southern part of the United States is also historically where passions, both good and bad, run high. Everything from the attractive southern belles in their come hither outfits and sweet tea to the Civil Rights movements.

Fire is also commonly seen the second projective masculine energy as it forces itself onto us from the Sun. You can only get so close to the fire before its projective nature will destroy you. It will continue its passionate rampage until dampened by its opposing element of Water.

As we move from the thought form of Air to the passion of Fire we are forced to act.  In the witch’s pyramid it is known as the “to will” aspect, which is very much a driving force. I see this in the Freemason aspect as the Junior Warden. His job is to observe and give direction to the workers ultimately dictated by the the Worshipful Master in the east. He controls the work going on as dictated, like the element of Fire controls our passions for the thought that we receive from the element of Air.

In my practice this is also a filter element. The element of Fire filters through the thoughts from Air.  If the thoughts from Air do not have the passion or driving force of Fire, then there would be no need in them coming to fruition. If the thoughts can survive the Fire and therefore have the driving passion, then it will go onto the next station of Water as I will discuss next week.

So how do we tap into this Fire energy?

This can be as simple as lighting a candle, feeling the warmth of the flame ignite the passions within you. It can also be something as simple as basking in the sunlight and catching some warm rays.

You could write a love letter/poem to someone you are fond of, whether is is given to them or not you are expressing your love for them. If you are partnered with someone, you could make love in a passionate way, being mindful of what makes you love or lust after that individual. For the solitary practitioner, you could explore what your own sexual identity and your passions of another are. Knowing what your passions, lust, love, and sexual desires are, are very much Fire energy.

If you have conducted the “astral board meeting” with your deities, guides, ancestors, etc., and have a thought or idea that has come into your life, put it through the Fire filter to examine how much passion you have for that idea. You may find that it is an idea that makes your inner fire burn bright as a call to action, or you may find that it doesn’t make your heart go pitter patter. If it is the former, take it to the next station (Water). If it is the latter, let the idea go as it may not be your or its time to pursue or come to fruition.

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