One Question 36 Card Tarot Tableau Email Reading


One question 36 Tarot Card reading given via email.

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One question tarot reading will be given via email. This reading will be given with 36 cards in the Grand Tarot Tableau style. I will examine the past, present, and possible future of your situation as well as what influences you and what you influence within your situation.  This type of tarot reading is upfront and to the point but gives a vast amount of information to the querent.  This reading is not a quick and easy answer, rather it is one that gives advice and reveals the shadows of the querent.

Since these readings are given, pictures taken of the cards, and typed up, please give up to one week for the completion of this order.

**Remember to place your question or ask for a general reading in the notes section when completing your order to avoid confusion and save time.**

1 review for One Question 36 Card Tarot Tableau Email Reading

  1. Rich

    I had this reading done by Rich recently and I am very impressed. It was very thorough and really in depth, it really took a look at my life and current situation. And it nailed me down to a T with certain issues I’ve been having and it even perfectly described a certain negative person in my life. No other reading had been able to even pick up on any of this stuff, it really got down to the nitty gritty. I really recommend getting this reading done for an in depth look at your options and current circumstances. However, if you’re afraid of the truth and hearing what needs to be said you might be in for a wake up call! But for me, it was just what I needed.


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