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Request a prayer to be said for you or for someone you know.  If you have previously sent in your prayer request and you have an update, send in a praise report of what happened and let us know that your prayers have been answered.


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**Please allow a few hours before your prayers or praise reports show up as they require approval from the site administrators. If you don’t see your prayers listed within 24 hours please contact me so I can approve it.
**All prayers once submitted will be approved (as long as they’re genuine and not malicious). Such as “I wish so-and-so would get hurt”. Prayer is a peaceful act and many Christo-Pagans abide by the rule of not interfering on another’s free-will (within reason).


Prayer List

Pray, send energy, healing, love, light, set grid-work, light a candle, etc. to assist our friends and family within the community. When it is sent out…let them know they have been prayed for by clicking the “I Prayed” button.


  • A little joy?

    My family has suffered so many losses this year and we are only in July. We lost our beloved dog far too young, then last month we lost my grandfather too. We thought we had some joy when my brother and his wife discovered they were pregnant but unfortunately it was ectopic and the operation resulted in them unlikely to conceive again. Please pray that we may get some joy soon as this year so far has been constant grief.

  • Ken & Steve

    Please pray for the soul of Steve Einsel who passed away last night and his husband Ken Smith who is going through the loss.

  • Orlando

    There are no words that can express the sadness that is sweeping Orlando, FL, the United States, the LGBTQIA community, and the world. Please pray for those who were involved in this horrific act. So far the count is at 50 killed and 53 injured and it is unknown at this time who they all are.

    Please pray for the souls of those who have been ripped from this earthly plane and have made their journey beyond the veil. Wish their souls comfort and healing. Ask for healing of those still injured and that they may make a full recovery. Pray that the families receive healing and solis in their time of need. Ask for peace to be bestowed on the city of Orlando, the United States, the LGBTQIA Community, and the World.

    Even though unconventional, I also ask that you pray for the shooter. It is hard to understand or fathom what could have gone through his mind, but I believe his soul should still be prayed for. Pray that his soul goes through the healing that it needs to and that the evilness that was present and that pulsates through parts of society die off with the last breath that was taken by him.


Praise Report

I don’t know about others, but your name will remain on the prayer list up to 6 months or until I see a praise posted updating us on how everything is going. Once a praise report is posted, the original prayer request will be removed from the list.

**You may receive a monthly email asking for an update so we can make sure everything is okay**



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Know that there are people out there praying for you and that no matter what, we are here for you. You are not alone when you are part of our community. There may be disagreements from time to time, but when the chips are down, we got your back. You are loved and cared for by this community.