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Hello 2018!

So it has been a long time since I have written on here. 2017 was a rough, weird, and long year, full of twists and turns. My hope for 2018 year is that it will be a bit more productive for everyone involved, along with more unity than separation within the world that seemed so prevalent in 2017.

So what’s up for this year?

As with every other year, there is a long list of things that I have planned for the future. Unfortunately those plans don’t always come to completion, but this year is already looking different from those of the past. Most of these upcoming changes to my life, are not really quite ready to be released to the greater public. Do not worry though, they will be released within the next week or so, and they are good changes. I’m not talking little changes either…oh no…these are big life changes coming.

Stay tuned for more within the coming week for more details. 2018 will be a good year I can feel it.  So here is to a great start to 2018 for everyone out there.

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Futhark Friday: Fehu

In this Futhark Friday we really start to get into the runes and what they mean. In this post we are discussing the first rune called Fehu.

Fehu literally translates as “cattle”.  In ancient Nordic locations, and also around the world, the association to cattle often related to one’s financial status. The more cattle you have equals the more money you have. So it would come as no surprise that Fehu is the rune for money, prosperity, and good fortune. More specifically the tangible items within your life. Continue reading Futhark Friday: Fehu