East Air Breezes By

We discussed the elemental energies two weeks ago, now let’s discuss the elemental energy of Air. Air is traditionally associated with the compass direction of East. As discussed previously, the direction of elemental energies can be dependent on the individual’s geographical location. In this segment I want to discuss what the element of Air is, why it is usually in the East for me, why I start my ritual in the east, and some ways you can connect with the element of Air. 

The element of Air is one of the two masculine elemental energies. The reason that I consider it a masculine energy is that it is an element of change and projection. It inflicts its will to change on everything it comes in contact with. It is one of two elemental energies that really force themselves on us as humans. We don’t go into Air rather Air comes into us. Even in the sense of being outside, the wind blows onto us and we have little to no say in how it acts as we conform to it rather than it conforming to our will. The element of Air also brings into us ideas, wisdom, communication, and truth. The contemplative times in life are those that are comprised of Air energy. It is the force of change that keeps the world going. This would make sense when thinking about the power that words have on the world and the change that they make on our lives.

I personally place the element of Air in the East and usually invoke it, for the common ritual, first due to my background in Freemasonry. The east is where the sun rises as it is the start of the day or night. As the east is the start to the day/night it is also the placement of the start to my ritual. I say commonly as I am considering starting with other elements first depending on the purpose of the ritual. It is also where the leader of a masonic lodge is placed. He starts the lodge and is a force of change that communicates what will go on within the lodge and how the lodge performs. He forms the thought process of how the lodge is run for that meeting, just as the element of Air runs the thought process of ritual.

Air (thought) for me is the beginning of anything. These thoughts from the Air energy will continue to materialize as I go to the element of Fire as the next element.

Connecting with the element of Air can be fairly simple. Going outside and feeling the breeze is one simple way of connecting to the Air energy. Others range from playing inspirational music, meditating, writing, or simply breathing and feeling the Air energy flow through you. Meditating on the color yellow, which is often associated with Air (for me it’s due to yellow’s ability to invoke thought and creativity), is a fantastic way to harness the Air energy.

Since Air energy is about the thoughts we have, one thing I often like to do is talk to myself. I realize it may seem weird if it’s something you don’t usually do, however it is a way that can solidify beliefs or work through an idea. If this is something that you don’t do, I encourage you to try it. Another way to connect to the energy of Air is the next time you are meditating, try envisioning your deities, guides, or ancestors meeting with you. Hold an “astral board meeting” with them, tell them what you are thinking about, and what input they have. If you’re outside during this time and are having difficulty connecting with them, ask for the answers to be sent through the breeze. Sit and listen for the answers to come.

There are plenty of other ways to connect with the element of Air, and different reasons why it could be placed at other directional points. Let me know how you relate to element of Air by leaving a comment as I’d love to hear it.

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