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My name is Drake and I have been following the Christopagan path for about five years now. My question is: Are there any congregations, covens, etc. that anyone knows of that fellow CP’s can worship together?

I wonder the same thing. Is this something we can start ourselves?

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I am sure we could!

What would you have in mind to start a congregation? I have not found any yet, and boy have I searched. Would you look for a traditional church type service with a Pagan twist? Or would you look more for a witchy coven setting with a Christian twist? Or would you like both? Such as a church type service on Sundays (and other holy days), a witchy coven group on Sabbats and Esbats, and Biblical and Witchy study throughout the week.

What it comes down to is what do we want to create? What is the vision? Then we can figure out how to make it work.

I think forming a congregation would be a great idea, even if it was just an occasional regional gathering, perhaps around a spring or summer Sabbat (Beltane or Litha, perhaps) or Easter.

As to what it would be or become, I've tended to prefer the organic approach of gathering and see where it goes.

I think a Bible study from a Christopagan perspective would be very interesting.  I have lately found myself intrigued by a verse in one of the Gospels (can't cite chapter/verse) where Jesus tells the disciples "You will do greater things than these" in regard to the miracles He performed.  That speaks to my understanding of Wicca: we all have the power to do great things.  Just one of many possible points for discussion.  Maybe how Christianity informs our pagan practices.  Of course such discussions could be done online, too, if we're too geographically diverse.

FWIW, I'm in western New York.  Not sure where others are.



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