The Gnostic Rosary

Recently I have taken up praying the Gnostic Rosary for a Lenten devotion. I have made a video on my channel on how I pray the rosary. The video is linked below, and the following is how I pray the rosary as well as the mysteries that I use with the days that they are… Continue reading The Gnostic Rosary

Website Overhaul

Everyone Registered to this website should have gotten this email. However, if you did not here is the email that was just sent out. “I have noticed that there have been a TON of spam comments coming into the Forum page and in the Comments section of some of the posts. In order to make… Continue reading Website Overhaul

Imbolc Blessings

During this time of the year many Pagans in the northern hemisphere are celebrating Imbolc. So I figured this would be a good time to cover what Imbolc means for not only a vast majority of Celtic focused Pagans but also many Christians out there, since in my practice I celebrate this overlap.  I want… Continue reading Imbolc Blessings

The Sun Burns Bright

When I first started my practice I had a tough time making the connection to the Sun as a representation of God. To be honest it is really still much of a challenge when I consider the Christian aspect of my practice. So this week’s topic has given me a lot of thinking to do.