New Moon Musings

Last week we discussed the moon in general, but this week we are focusing on the new moon. What is it, what energies does it bestow on us, how do we relate to it, and how can we use these energies in our practice. I also want to discuss the dark moon in tandem with the new moon. The reason that I want to discuss these together is that they are sometimes seen as the same time but they can really be seen as different times that you might find need to be honored separately in your own practice. Continue reading “New Moon Musings”

Northern Earth Grounds Us All

We come to the last of the four primary elemental energies, Earth. Earth is an element of receptivity. Like Water we go into it and it accepts what is brought within it. As all elements change us and our ideas in their own way, Earth makes the most noticeable change for me. Earth is about solidifying, connecting, grounding, strength, birth, and death. Earth is where we come from and where we return to. Earth is the element to which we ground ourselves and in doing so connects us to everything else.  Continue reading “Northern Earth Grounds Us All”

Western Water Flows Free

Last time we talked about the elemental energy of Fire and how it is a projective energy. In this post I want to discuss the first of the two receptive elemental energies that I come to during ritual. Water, as I already mentioned is a receptive energy, we go into the water as water will accept almost anything going into it. Continue reading “Western Water Flows Free”

South Fire Burns Bright

Previously we covered the element of Air. As it is the element of thought and intellect. Fire is the element of passion, lust, desire, and love. It is the fire that burns inside of you. For many in the Northern Hemisphere, it is located in the south as it gets hotter for them as they go further south to the equator. For practitioners in the Southern Hemisphere it can be seen as the energy of the north as that is the direction towards the equator. As with any elemental direction, it can be changed to fit however the element of Fire speaks to you. Continue reading “South Fire Burns Bright”