When I started my studies of Paganism 6 years ago I’ll admit that I was conflicted. I still had, and still do have, a strong connection to Christianity. I knew that most Christians would have a negative outlook on my practice, but I never expected the Pagan community to have negative opinions on it. Don’t get me wrong,Continue Reading

I’ve been working with my tarot cards more lately. When I first started my studies on the tarot I was a bit confused with all the rules that most often came up. I learned that you can’t buy your own tarot, you have to keep them any certain cloth, nobody else can touch them, you have to shuffle them a certain way, and on and on. Well I broke most, if not all those “rules”. But it got me thinking about others handling my tools.Continue Reading

While on this site I hope to engage and foster a community of like minded Pagans, Christians, and Christo-Pagans. That’s why I use the tagline, “Bridging the Gap.” I just wanted to take a brief moment and explain a little about this site before going any further.Continue Reading

As I stated in the previous post, one of the reasons I first came to Christo-Paganism was because the idea of spell casting intrigued me so much. The routine of ritual resonated with me as it was like the Catholic masses I saw as a young boy, but not being raised primarily Catholic, rarely got to witness. Understanding the catalyst nature of spellwork gave me the confidence to do these workings and off I went. Spirit communication type of spell work wasContinue Reading

When starting this path almost 6 years ago, one major difference I found in myself verses all the other Pagans I was meeting was that I didn’t have a Goddess. Though I needed more in my life than what contemporary Christianity was offering me, I wasn’t ready to make the leap into full on Paganism. I certainly didn’t wish to turn my back on my faith in Christ and the Christian concept of who God is. Let’s face it. The first reason why I was intrigued with Paganism wasContinue Reading